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Want to see how far your love of travel can take you, and get rewarded for it?

We’re looking for motivated, influential students who love travel to join us as ambassadors.

Why JusCollege?

Because we build the world’s best travel experiences for the most exciting moments of college life,
including Spring Break, Fall Break, Formals, Ski Trips, Senior Trips, Football Weekenders and more!

As an ambassador, you’ll be the go-to, connected person on campus who plans the trip of a lifetime
that your friends will always remember — and get rewarded for it.





Ambassador Benefits

Earn points for every person you sign up and redeem those points for free trips, VIP upgrades, and perks for your group, including…

Suite Upgrades ⋅ Bottle Service ⋅ Private Driver
Backstage Access ⋅  Private Catamaran ⋅  & Many More

Become an Ambassador

Build Your Resume

Looking for career experience? Being an ambassador looks great on your resume, and JusCollege can help you jumpstart your professional network.

Join Pollen and Enjoy More Rewards

Pollen is a invite-only community which gives you access to the hottest perks for events including festivals, live concerts, nightclubs, and more.

What’s Required?

Successful ambassadors are passionate about JusCollege’s experiences and have the following qualities…

Natural Leadership

You’re a well respected and influential leader within your social group. People look to you for what to do!


You love to bring your friends together and make sure they have a great time. You’re always the one to take initiative to get things organized.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

You love new opportunities, you’re not afraid of a challenge, you think on your feet and solve problems to reach your goals.

What To Expect

On-campus presentation to learn about your role

Promote the trip across your social networks

Educate travelers and answer their questions

Get everyone on board and signed up for the trip

Travel with your group and make sure everyone is having fun

Kristen, Univ. of Connecticut

“Cabo 2018 was a great trip! My friends and I had a blast… It was great to have all of my best friends in one place.”

Elliot, Penn State

“It’s not often you get the chance to travel with all your friends, so it’s exciting to be able to take advantage of this time in college and travel with all of them.”

Jenna, Rutgers University

“Being an ambassador led me to meet and network with so many amazing people. It has also helped me build my resume.”

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